General Service Description:

Homelife care programsAt HomeLife, Inc. our services are designed to provide care and support to adults with Developmental Disabilities, Mental Illness, Traumatic Brain Injury and/or other brain disorders.  Guided by the objectives within the individual’s Independent Plan of Services (IPOS) or Person Centered Plan (PCP); HomeLife, Inc. provides structure and support to promote achieving goals identified in these plans. In keeping with our mission of “People Caring for People”, systematically trained staff maintain structure in the home and community settings. In concert with IPOS or PCP goal achievement, HomeLife, Inc. services are designed to promote a consumer’s ability to demonstrate self-control and to make more appropriate choices. Consumers are encouraged to provide input into their own care, and they are provided opportunities to participate in community activities.  Support and assistance is provided by HomeLife, Inc. with an overall objective to improve medical and behavioral stability, thereby increasing a consumer’s ability to become more independent.

Service Features

  • Aesthetically pleasing, clean home environments
  • Ongoing supervision with 24 hour on site access to staff
  • Home Manager assigned to each home location
  • Home Manager coordinates communication among consumer, case manager, family, guardian, medical services, psychiatric services, funding sources, etc.
  • Quarterly Progress Reports details medical information, observation data, critical incidents, and progress toward goals and objectives identified in the PCP/IPOS
  • HomeLife employs full time Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) instead of contracting with an external provider. This approach promotes increased access for staff guidance and support, and assists with maintaining continuity of care.
  • Daily in-home structure with enrichment programming opportunities
  • Skills Training, Assistance, and Support
  • Functional and recreational programming may include home and community based activities.
  • A face to face initial assessment can typically be coordinated at the time of the referral
  • A Pre-Admission meeting is conducted to review initial case coordination objectives, and to prepare home staff to welcome new consumers.
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