Where we began … and what we’re about!

The History …

Barry & Scott, the founders of HomeLife, Inc., began their careers as direct care staff members. When they ended up working together in a rehabilitation facility, they realized through many long discussions that they shared the same philosophy and vision regarding people.

From these conversations, the dream that became HomeLife, Inc. began. The basis for that dream was the firmly held belief that individuals with disabilities, and those struggling with the long-term effects of injury and illness, deserved compassionate care. Care that dignified them as individuals and took into account their unique challenges and needs.

HomeLife, Inc. became a reality in January of 1996. It was the result of much encouragement from family and friends, and much, much research on the ways to provide integrity and the highest quality of care.

Our 24th Street homeThe first residents were admitted in December of 1996. As word spread of the quality care provided, the organization continued to grow, with a record 30 residents in September of 1999. With a professional staff, including Barry & Scott and many health provider associates, HomeLife continues to grow, while remaining firmly committed to its goals, ideals and mission.
HomeLife, Inc. has multiple homes in southwest Michigan. Each provides compassionate, stable and optimal care to individuals facing the challenges of brain injury and/or mental illness.

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