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Student jobs in Kalamzoo healthcare

Your education is important; so what about Experience?

Maybe HomeLife has the Answer

If you’re in college and looking for part time work that can help shape career options, HomeLife may be a great starting point, especially if you study psychology, social work, nursing, education or other human service related fields. You can build a credible resume that includes relevant work experience along with your education.

With multiple Kalamazoo area programs, HomeLife, Inc. is a respected care provider for people facing the challenges of brain injury, mental illness, or developmental disabilities. Our success comes from a steady focus on compassion, stability and active treatment, and a commitment to making life better for our clients and their families. To keep this continuity of care at its highest level, it takes special people. Maybe that’s you!

Get the experience and move ahead

Here’s something more to think about. HomeLife has a well structured on-the-job training program that complements many college majors and also promotes valuable work experience for future career success. This is a program that has been carefully developed over time with well defined advancement steps and documentation of your progress. Our training program covers everything from beginning entry level responsibilities to leadership roles.

As you gain more training and work experience, more opportunities and more responsibilities will follow. You not only receive training, you also help train others as you advance. With our structured work experience training program, you can gain skills and knowledge that open up opportunities for advancement in leadership roles. Many of our current managers gained their experience as entry level caregivers while in college. This is a great way to integrate your education and work experience. It is an opportunity to move ahead in your career.

HomeLife. A respected healthcare organization and a great place to start your career.

As you look at options for your career, look at HomeLife. It can be a rewarding training ground for your future. Click the link below to print an application. For more information on how we fill a very important need in our community, find us on Facebook® too.

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