Why Work for HomeLife?

Health care jobsHomeLife, Inc. offers a chance to make a difference in the lives of adults with mental illness, developmental disabilities, or traumatic brain injury.  Our systematic training program is unique to HomeLife, Inc and gives employees the skills and confidence needed to provide compassionate care to individuals with challenging needs.  It also helps create an engaging work environment where both workers and consumers enjoy life experiences.

Our systematic training program has been carefully developed over time with well defined advancement steps and certification of your progress.  As you gain more training and work experience, more opportunities and more responsibilities follow.  You not only receive training in classroom settings and on the job, you also help train others as you advance – this help reinforce and strengthen your skills.  In fact, everyone is a trainer at HomeLife – even senior leaders, making them visible and accessible. The bottom line: you get great training that prepares you for the job, and you get training and support from people at all levels within the organization.  You also get great support from other team members.

Jobs for all agesBecause of our systematic approach to employee training, development, and management, you work with other competent and capable staff in a team oriented work environment.  Leaders and managers throughout the company are focused on our mission of “People Caring for People;” hence, you’ll experience a work environment that is organized and well managed.  This, along with great training, engenders a productive, collaborative, fun and personally satisfying work experience.  Our mission is to care for people, and we want consumers as well as employees to have good experiences.

HomeLife, Inc. is looking for people who are eager to learn, who are interested in helping others, who want to be a part of a supportive environment, and who want to work with others to increase the quality of life for the individuals we serve.

Ready to apply?  You can review our Job Descriptions or Download an Application.

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