HomeLife, Inc. has been inspected and certified by several organizations and agencies:

CARF InternationalCARF International

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is an independent, nonprofit organization focused on advancing the quality of services to meet better outcomes in rehabilitation services. HomeLife, Inc. is CARF accredited in “Residential Treatment: Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Adults).” See why CARF accreditation is important: http://www.carf.org/home/


MI Dept of Human ServicesMichigan Department of Human Services

AFC Licensing Standards

Adult Foster Care Licensing (AFC) in the State of Michigan provides the regulatory authority to ensure group homes and rehabilitation facilities meet safety and operational standards for individuals with disabilities who need 24-hour care in a group home setting. AFC requires additional regulations for “specialized programs” that offer services to individuals with mental illness or developmental disability. All HomeLife, Inc. programs are licensed to provide “Specialized Programs” under Adult Foster Care. For more information about AFC Licensing, visit the Department of Human Services website.


Malcomb Baldrige Excellence ProgramMalcomb Baldrige Excellence Program

The Baldrige Program is the nation’s public-private partnership dedicated to performance excellence. It raises awareness about the importance of performance excellence in driving the U.S. and global economy; provides organizational assessment tools and criteria; educates leaders in business, schools, health care organizations, and government and nonprofit agencies about the practices of best-in-class organizations; and recognizes national role models. HomeLife uses the Malcomb Baldrige Criteria for Healthcare as a business model to guide operations and planning.

For more information about the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program visit National Program: http://www.nist.gov/baldrige/
Michigan Program: http://www.michiganquality.org/

In addition to our third-party certifications, we conduct rigorous internal quality audits.
For information and results, please see our Resources page.

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